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Grow Your Mind Classes - 9818 Gilead Rd #102B, Huntersville, NC 28078 - ​704-231-6554

My name is Cindy Cooper - founder & teacher of Grow Your Mind classes.

Teaching art goes much deeper than “making something pretty”. 
It is a way for students to express themselves, as well as, a way to build their self esteem and encourage them to try new things. 

While there is a right and wrong way to spell “elephant” and to add “2+2”, there is never a right or wrong way to paint what you feel. It is a wonderful feeling to know that whatever you create in art class won’t be wrong.

I love the quote “What would you attempt today if you knew you couldn’t fail?”. 
That is how we should embrace art. Try everything! If someone makes a mistake in my art class, we never throw our art away to start over. Being adaptable is such a huge skill to have in life and art can help teach kids that. When we mess up, we don’t quit or give up, we circle back around with a new plan. You can never fail in my classes. There is always room to grow, but there is never failure.

Everyone has the capability to learn. I believe, no matter how complex, everything can be broken down into easy to learn steps. 

ART is FUN let's keep it that way!
No matter what your talent level is, everyone should enjoy creating art.